Our Community Bike Clubs & Camps

Registration opens Monday May 12th!


Our Community Bike Club aims to inspire a love of cycling in young people, and to create a wider interest in and awareness of cycling and active transportation in our neighbourhoods and schools.

Hanging at Grandview Polo courts, Celebrating the Skytrain, Route Planning, and Learning left turns!

Registration Opens Monday May 12th!

Pedal Foundation’s OCBC Summer Bike Camps (8-13yrs)

Come have fun and make new friends while riding your bike with OCBC (Our Community Bike Club) during these week long summer camps.  Participants will learn the skills needed to ride safely with two qualified staff in a bike safety rodeo before graduating to cycling on the street. We will go on cycling adventures around the city using bike routes and stopping in local parks for snacks and games. Bring your bike, helmet, snack, healthy lunch (not nuts please) and water bottle.  Wear weather appropriate clothing.  No bike, no problem – loaner bikes are available upon request.

The Earn-A-Bike (14-18yrs) program gives youth without bikes the opportunity to build their own while they gain the knowledge to maintain their bikes in the future. This program is mechanics based and teaches participants the function of each component of their bicycles. By the end of five eight hour sessions, participants will have refurbished a bicycle to use for transportation and fun. No mechanical experience required!


23040.301BR Camp 1 July 14-18 8:30-3:30pm $250
23040.302BR Camp 2 July 21- 25 8:30-3:30pm $250
23040.303BR Camp 3 July 28–Aug 1 8:30-3:30pm $250
23040.304BR Camp 4 Aug 18-22 8:30-3:30pm $250
23040.305BR Camp 5 Aug 25-29 8:30-3:30pm $250
23040.306BR Earn a Bike Aug 11-15 8:30-3:30pm $300

Maximum 10 kids to 2 Instructors

Instructors are Can-Bike II bike safety educated and 1st aid trained
Camps meet at Britannia Elementary 1110 Cotton Dr.
Cost: $250 per 5 day camp. Subsidies available through Britannia.
No bike no problem. We have loaner bikes!

Help us spread the joy of cycling!

Register your child for a memorable 5 day Summer Bike Camp:


ONLINE : britanniacentre.org
BY PHONE : 604 718 5800 ext 2
IN PERSON : Information Centre 1661
Napier st or Britannia pool cashier



Our Community Bike Clubs (OCBC) May 2014.

Our Community Bike Clubs brings the model of our shops into six local highschool and elementary schools. At Clubs, we teach children and youth to cycle safely and maintain their own bicycles. Young Riders is a program that takes elementary students on weekly bike rides after school. Our main focus is to introduce them to a new way of getting around, on rainy days we make bike art and teach basic maintenance. Earn-A-Bike introduces young people to mechanics and empowers teens while they build themselves a ride. OCBC tries to create spaces, with bikes as our centering point, that are free, anti-oppressive, and encourage active and experience based learning.

Our Clubs


Grandview Elementary

We are finishing our seventh school year at Grandview Elementary! Every Thursday afternoon, our staff look forward to rides in the Grandview/Woodland Community.  It has been great to see returning faces at Grandview. This spring, we started Bike Scouts, a bike leadership program in partnership with HASTe, HUB, and Translink. We hope to engage student participants in bike based advocacy work at their school!

Hastings Elementary

Hastings Bike Club has started again! Our first session saw the participation of 10 young riders! We ran a organized a giant obstacle course, and practiced our safety skills on the school grounds. Next week, we hope to ride to the park for healthy snacks and games!

Britannia Elementary NEW!


Ms. Costa’s class Winter 2014

This fall and winter, we began visiting a grade 3 class at Britannia Elementary. We just finished talking about bikes in the class. In the new year, keep your eyes out for groups of these little riders on the bike lanes and practicing skills Grandview Park
Strathcona Elementary! NEW!
This Spring we will partner with Strathcona Elementary to run a 6 session trial club every Friday afternoon!


Britannia Secondary

We have four very keen young women participating in Earn a Bike at Britannia this semester, including a student who does not know how to ride yet. She is working on her bike and we will teach her when her bike is built and safe to ride. An amazing example of a young person willing to learn something new and jump in with both feet.

Byrne Creek

At Byrne Creek Secondary School this year we have 5 Earn-A-Bike students.  All but one of them started with no experience working on bicycles (nor did they know names/uses of most of our tools) and now they are all well on their way to having their bikes completed and road ready.  One of the boys suffers from cerebral palsy and has limited use of one of his hands, but everyone else in the club is happy to help, which not only allows him to participate but actually build up his bike at the same pace as all the rest.  So far club has been great, everyone has shown alot of committment, dedication, enthusiasm and excitment.  We hope to have all the bikes finished by Christmas holidays.


We ran our second successful instructor training. Instructor Training is a program we launched this year to train teachers and youth workers who are interested in offering bike programs in their schools.

The OCBC staff spend lots of time engaging with and supporting start up bike mechanics initiatives in schools. Two schools we have partnered with this year are Genesis and Windermere Secondary.



Thanks to individual donors who subsidize a huge portion of our programming. If you are interested in making a donation follow the canadahelps link in the top right corner. If you would like to meet to talk about how you can support our programs please contact Travis Pawlak at bikeclub@pedalpower.org.


Thanks to the organizations that continue to support our programs:


foord foundation
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Participating in Our Community Bike Club, either at School or in Summer Camp, means you’ll get to go on rides, learn safety skills & basic maintenance, play games, have fun, eat snacks, and learn to confidently and safely use your bicycle for transportation, fitness, and fun!   Through Our Community Bike Club you can earn a free bicycle if you don’t have one (although you may have to do some work to repair it… with our help, of course!).

For more information contact: Summer Camp Coordinator: Travis Pawlak bikeclub@pedalpower.org



Here are our Terms and Conditions: Our Community Bikes Program Policies